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Welcome to Wallace Fisher Fine Art

Wallace R. Fisher was born in California in the thirties. From the earliest age, he studied American, European, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Jewish and Russian artists. Now, his own paintings have been displayed in Galleries across the states and sold worldwide. 

Wallace Fisher's Biography as an Early California Artist can be viewed and read in the Smithsonian Institution.   Much of the nature he painted captured a glimpse of history as urban civilization developed over so many of the beautiful scenes his state beheld.  His work truly follows the impressionistic style of the Masters. There are over 4000 original paintings by Fisher in the hands of collectors and art appreciators.

Fisher was influenced by various techniques during the various periods of his life. He painted abstract, modern, impressionism, traditional, western, still life, and floral. His mediums ranged from oil, acrylic, pen and ink, watercolor, charcoal, pastel, pencil, and etching. He has been categorized with many of California’s famous artists and is known internationally.  His art has won many shows and awards in the West.


Wallace Fisher Fine Art