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For those who wish to order a Certificate of Authenticity for their currently owned Wallace Fisher paintings, the process is fairly simple.  Email us with a few digital photos of the work, the front, the back, the signature area, and a texture shot.  Measure its size and try to determine on what type of surface it was painted (canvas, panel, paper, etc.) We will then verify the authenticity of the piece and estimate its current value.  After verification, Certificates can be specially made and ordered to fit your piece.  These are useful for insurance and sales purposes.  A $100 fee is charged for the certificates of authenticity and appraisal, but a simple email below can give you an estimate by email at no costl if you simply need it for information sake and do not need a legal signed certificate. (Only snail-mailed certificates have a fee.)

We unfortunately started this service because of some of the recent forgeries that have turned up claiming to be Fisher's originals but were not.

To begin the certificate request process, please fill in the form below.

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