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Once you verify that you're the site owner, we can provide you with comprehensive statistics and error information about the pages in your site. If you're unable to verify, you can still use the Sitemaps program, submit Sitemaps, and see detailed information about those Sitemaps as well as basic information about your site.   [?]

We offer two methods of verification. You can either upload an HTML file with a name we specify, or you can add a META tag to your site's index file. Choose your preferred method below.   [?]


Copy the META tag listed below and paste it in your site's home page in the first <HEAD> section of the page, before the first <BODY> section.   [?]   Show me an example

<META name="verify-v1" content="lCQaoxG75I8AG2Buqr3eNRVq8PxDMOO4qjWsny8eYJw=" />

Create the HTML verification file specified below and upload it to http://www.westsidebarbers.com/.   [?]


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